Backup your data
Detailed steps :

The easiest way to backup your data is the "Backup to email" feature built into Menstrual Calendar app.

To start with, open the app, and then go to the app's Settings Menu. Select backup to email. The mail app will pop up with a pre-filled subject and with all your data as an attachment. Enter your email address in the "to" field and send the email to yourself.

You're done, your data is now in a safe place. We advise you to regularly backup your data.

Restore your data
Detailed steps :

Restoring your data is useful when you change or have to reinstall your phone.

All versions of Menstrual Calendar use the same backup format, so you can easily transfer your data from the free app to the premium app, or from an Android app to an iOS app or vice versa.

Before starting the restore procedure, make sure you have a backup (cf. details above). You must also make sure to have the latest version of the app installed on the phone you want to restore data.

To start the restore process, open your email software (Gmail on Android or the default Mail app on iOS), locate the backup email you previously sent to yoursel and open it.

The restore procedure has only been successfully tested on the above mail clients. Make sure you send or forward the email backup to an address that can be read with these clients.

Click on the attached backup named mcbackup.json. A list of apps that can handle this attachment will appear. Select the Menstrual Calendar app and the restore process will start.

Install app on new device

When buying a new device, you might be worried you will have to purchase again Menstrual Calendar Premium. Don't worry, you don't have to as long as you reinstall on a platform you have already purchased the premium app (transferring a purchase from Android to iOS and vice versa is not possible, in this case you will have to purchase twice).

On Android, make sure you sign-in on your device with the same Google account you used when you first purchased the app. Look for Menstrual Calendar Premium on the Google Play Store, and proceed as if you wanted to purchase it again.

On iOS, make sure you sign-in on your device with the same iTunes Store account you used when you first purchased the app. The procedure depends on how you first purchased the app :

In all cases, during the purchase process, you will be recognised as an existing customer and nothing will be charged for this new download.

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